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Christopher is a full-time professional Bharatanatyam performer, regarded as one of the front liners of his generation having performed extensively within India and globally. His roots in dance reach back to Perth, Australia learning under his paternal aunt Jayalakshmi Raman, raised in a family that were passionate supporters of the arts


His love of dance brought Christopher to Kalakshetra, during the tenure of Leela Samson as Director - he graduated with a first-class post-graduate diploma in 2011, he later joined Leela Samsons Spanda Dance company 2012- 2017, performing, touring & learning under the renowned dancer 


He has received widespread critical acclaim including Narasimachari Youth Dance award , Narada Gana Sabha 2022,

 Best Dance of 2017 (New York Times), HCL Best Performer (Madras Music Academy, 2015) and Kalavahini Fellowship for Choreography (Malavika Sarrukai 2018).


He continues his training with Smt Bragha Bessel, with whom he has studied abhinaya (emotive dance) for over a decade


While adhering to the grammar of the form, his aesthetics and contemporary choreographic sensibility reflect fresh perspectives that both revisit and deconstruct the traditional repertoire, drawing from lived experiences in Australia and India 


He performs annually in Chennai’s prestigious December season as a soloist inculding Madras Music Academy, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Narada Gana Sabha 


In 2019, he worked with the Akram Khan Company (UK) in a professional development opportunity supported by the Australia Arts Council grant.

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